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​Technical Committees​

SABS Technical Committees and their members play a vital role in the development of standards. The commitment required varies between and within committees, depending on the current work programme and the level of participation. All participation is on a voluntary basis, and you can be involved in helping to develop standards by becoming a committee member. Below is a list of committees, together with their Strategic Business Plans.

Please note that the SABS has implemented the SABS ISO eCommittees and now works through ISOlutions.  Strategic policy statements in SABS eCommittees have been replaced by Strategic Business Plans​ (SBP) and therefore will not be found in the list below. The SBPs of the committees can be accessed in the public information area of the SABS eCommittee workspace.​

National Committee Structure​



National Technical Committee Portal for Public Access 
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Participate in the Process

Become a member of the SABS technical committees and contribute to development of national standards either as a professional, organisation or representative of government.

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Propose a Standard

Standards are found in virtually every aspect of our daily lives, from the towering sky scraper, the cars that we drive, electronics we use and the houses we live in.

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