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The SABS Mark Scheme

The SABS Mark Scheme is administered through our Product Certification Services and provides confidence to all customers that their products fulfill specified requirements.

The SABS Mark Scheme provides a third party assurance of product quality, safety and reliability. It is a voluntary quality mark that confirms that a product has been tested and the manufacturing processes assessed to meet the requirements of South African National Standards.

The Value of the SABS Mark

The SABS Mark is a highly recognisable symbol of credibility and a powerful marketing tool, which reinforces your product’s intrinsic features. It strengthens your point-of-sale impact, and gives your product greater credibility and prestige in the market place. The ongoing improvement of your quality system is an essential part of the SABS Mark Scheme and is therefore a clear demonstration of your company’s dedication to quality management.​​

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The SABS Mark

The SABS Mark Scheme applies to products for which technical SANS exist. The SABS Mark is applied to both locally manufactured and imported commodities.


ISO 50001

ISO 50001 establishes a voluntary framework for energy management. It can be used by any organisation that wishes to establish, implement, maintain and improve an energy management system, to assure conformity to its stated energy policy, and to demonstrate conformity to ISO 50001:2011 (SANS 50001:2011).