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What is the application process for testing?​​​​

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The application process is as follows:

  • The applicant should send a written request for the service, with a detailed description of the product, and the applicable standard, to ​
  • The laboratory reviews the request and confirms whether the SABS can perform the tests
  • SABS checks if the applicant is an existing client. If not, SABS will send a form for opening an account 
  • A quote is generated and submitted to the client
  • On acceptance of the quotation, the client sends both the sample/s and an order number or proof of payment to SABS
  • The laboratory manager responsible will schedule the tests and communicate the start and estimated completion dates to the client.
What if I do not know what standard my product should be tested to?

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The Standards Information Centre can assist customers to identify what standards are applicable to their products. If you do not know what standard to test to, contact the Centre to help you identify the standard before asking SABS for a quotation. Contact the Information Centre as follows: or tel. +27 12 428-7911.

PLEASE NOTE: The function of the test laboratory is to perform compliance verification. If your product has not been designed for compliance to a particular standard, there is a high likelihood that it will not comply to the requirements of the standard. We therefore recommend that you first evaluate your own product for compliance to the standard - before submitting it to us for testing.​
How many samples are required for testing? ​​

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​This depends on the product and the standards against which tests must be conducted (e.g. destructive and non-destructive). ​
What is the lead time from submitting an application to receiving a test report? ​​

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​The lead times vary from product to product as prescribed by the applicable standard. Lead time to testing starts when the samples with an order / proof of payment have been submitted. Turnaround times will be communicated in the quotation. ​
Once the test report is issued must we submit a separate application for certification? ​​

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​Applications for the mark scheme are handled as one application, so the process includes testing and certification. Note, however, that the tests done by the SABS Testing Division cannot be used for SABS Certification purposes. This is a different process. Read more about the certification process here.
Where do we submit our certification application? ​​​

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​The products and services of the SABS can be accessed through: 0861 27 72 27 or ​
Is there a separate cost for certification? ​​

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​The cost of our product certification services is inclusive of testing and certification.​
Where should the samples be submitted?​​

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​The samples need to be submitted to the relevant area of testing. The address for delivery of samples will be communicated on the quotation. The majority of the SABS Laboratories are located at 1 Dr. Lategan Road, Groenkloof, Pretoria/Tshwane but there are other laboratories located in various regions and the samples may need to be delivered to these laboratories.​​
How will I know when my samples have been tested?​

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​You will be informed that the samples have been tested and that the report is ready for collection/delivery by the relevant BU manager dealing with your samples.​
What happens if my sample does not comply with the requirements of the relevant Standard?​

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​If the sample does not comply with the relevant requirements of the standard a failure report will be issued. You are then welcome to bring new/improved samples for testing by following the standard enquiry procedure.​
If my product fails on one aspect only, can I have the product re-tested for compliance of that aspect only?​​

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​The SABS laboratories only test to full specifications. If one aspect of the product failed during testing, the complete product must be re-tested for compliance to all requirements of the standard. No partial test request will be accepted.​​

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Among our unique laboratories is the National Electrical Test Facility (NETFA), boasting several firsts.


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The SABS and ICASA protect consumers by ensuring electronic equipment entering SA meets required quality-performance standards.