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​About Certification​​​​

We offer two certification schemes, Product Certification and Management System Certification, that address the quality of an organisation’s product or service. We have specialised in certification since 1980. Our goal is to keep our clients on the forefront of international technology and managerial practices.

The SABS brand name is established in the market place and is undoubtedly one of the most recognisable brands in South Africa. Synonymous with quality, reliability and dependability, the SABS mark can be found on everything from crayons to a bag of cement..
Quality assessment by an independent third party is not compulsory, but carries more weight from a customer’s point of view than mere confirmation to the standard. Assessments may also be legally imposed or required by contract.

Certification covers  third-party independent audits by our competent auditors. The third-party audit involves independent reviews and certification. Certification ensures that:

  • organisations take time to understand their quality processes
  • these processes are implemented and followed by everyone in the organisation
  • these processes are documented and maintained so they can be demonstrated to an outside agency.

​ISO itself does not grant certification. No registration claim is legally valid unless backed up by a certificate from a recognised certification body such as SABS Certification.
Our auditors are subject to stringent rules (as set out in the international standards for certification bodies namely, ISO/IEC 17021 and ISO/IEC TS on auditing quality systems) to assess their qualifications and practical workplace experience. ​

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The SABS Mark

The SABS Mark Scheme applies to products for which technical SANS exist. The SABS Mark is applied to both locally manufactured and imported commodities.


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