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​​The SABS Mark​

​The SABS Mark Scheme applies only to products/commodities for which technical South African National Standards ​ (SANS) exist. The SABS Mark is applied to both locally manufactured and imported products/commodities.

The SABS Mark Scheme is a highly recognisable symbol of credibility and a powerful marketing tool, which reinforces a product’s intrinsic features. It strengthens the point-of-sale impact, and gives a product greater credibility and prestige in the market place.

The ongoing improvement of the quality system is an essential part of the SABS Mark Scheme and is therefore a clear demonstration of a company’s dedication to quality management.

The following are some of the many reasons why every South African manufacturer and Importer of products should obtain the SABS Mark:

  • They get real point-of-sale differentiation (SABS Mark), resulting in more sales and greater revenue;
  • Our independent certification provides assurance and peace of mind to their management and customers that their product quality is maintained;
  • They can be very proud of the quality of the product(s) that they sell in the market place - by having it independently tested and certified proves that they have achieved their design and manufacturing objectives.