Content Editor

​Ms Elekanyani Ndlovu​​

​Chairperson of the Social and Ethics committee

Member of: Finance committee / Social and Ethics Committee / Finance and Investment Committee​

She serves on the Electrical Professional Advisory Committee (PAC) of ECSA and is responsible for advising council on all matters pertaining to Electrical Engineering. She is also involved in the Power and Energy Section Committee and High Voltage Testing Facility Subcommittee within SAIEE. In addition, she has been appointed as an ECSA Electrical Reviewer by SAIEE with the responsibility of interviewing candidates that are applying for Electrical Engineering professional registration. In 2014 she was featured on the SAIEE Educational DVD. She is also on the Steering Committee of Technology (SCOT) which governs a technical governance framework that applies to all and any Engineering Work undertaken across Eskom.

In 2013, she was appointed as an Eskom Ambassador for Kusile Power Station for the Presidential Infra-structure Campaign by the Department of Economic Development. She was hosted by Minister Patel in parliament in recognition of her work on Kusile Power Station project.