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​Data authentication in a digital age​

Do you transact online? How do you trust that your personal information and banking information is safe and secure?

We live in the digital age, where devices and technology converge into seamless transactions, with almost instantaneous results. The need for system and data security is higher than it has ever been.

The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) has developed a range of standards, with the input of the local industry and aligned to international standards to ensure that South Africans can experience a standard level of safety.

The broad category of standards relevant to the industry include the following:
  •  SANS 27001: These are standards for a management system standard that is used by IT industry to implement a secure environment for their organisation
  •  SANS 20000-1: This management system standard is used to assess the effectiveness of the IT system
  •  SANS 38500: This standard is used to as a reference document for corporate governance of information and communication technology policy framework​