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This sector is responsible for the development of standards in the area of computer security, transport management systems, quality management systems, occupational health and safety management systems, security and safety management; environmental management and other generic management systems. ​

Programme of Work
Published Standards

It develops and maintains relevant standards and other normative documents in the following areas: 

  • Terminology and other language and content resources
  • Information and documentation
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Legal metrology
  • Information technology
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Communication technology
  • Fibre optics
  • Industrial automation systems
  • Innovation and Knowledge management 
  • Document management applications
  • Occupational health and safety management systems
  • Security and risk management 
  • Transport management systems 
  • Health and safety at live events
  • Tourism standards
  • Project, programme and portfolio management
  • Energy management
  • Asset and facility management

The programme manager for the department is:

Ms Yvonne Ndlhovu
Telephone: +27 (0) 12 428 6254

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Participate in the Process

Become a member of the SABS technical committees and contribute to development of national standards either as a professional, organisation or representative of government.

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Propose a Standard

Standards are found in virtually every aspect of our daily lives, from the towering sky scraper, the cars that we drive, electronics we use and the houses we live in.

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