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Our 36 SABS laboratories, boast more than 400 test methods. These laboratories strive to deliver excellent customer service while continually maintaining laboratory quality systems, increasing the scope of accreditation of test methods and investing in state-of-the-art instrumentation where necessary and viable.

The following types of tests can be conducted at our various sites:

  • Performance testing
  • Safety testing
  • Endurance testing
  • Analytical Testing

SABS laboratories are accredited in accordance with ISO 17025 requirements, and this accreditation is monitored and evaluated by SANAS. The diversity of our testing services has created an expectation of exceptional quality, quick turnaround times and efficient customer service. This is addressed by our modernisation strategy that evaluates our processes and technologies to make the experience of our customers simpler, faster and better.‚Äč

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Among our unique laboratories is the National Electrical Test Facility (NETFA), boasting several firsts.


Certificates of compliance

The SABS and ICASA protect consumers by ensuring electronic equipment entering SA meets required quality-performance standards.